What’s a Mouthful?

There are many words that seem easy to guess the meaning of… but then there’s a second meaning or an unexpected way to use it. Here is a fun example:


As a countable noun, a mouthful is a word used to express quantity – usually food/water. How much food can you fit into your mouth? That’s a mouthful.

E.g My friend has a big mouth so he takes big mouthfuls of food when eating.

You can take a mouthful or eat a mouthful. You can also try a mouthful if the food is something new! And remember, you try/eat/take a mouthful of a food.

Or you don’t need to mention the food:

E.g It was a delicious meal. We enjoyed every mouthful (source)

But wait!

There are many words in English with a regular meaning and an informal meaning. Usually, the more commonly used a word, the more different meanings exist.

As an adjective, a mouthful is when something is difficult or complicated to say. For example, try to say this sentence:

She sells seashells at the seashore.

Does your tongue get confused? That’s because that sentence is a mouthful!

The longest word in the English Language is antidisestablishmentarianism and that is a total mouthful! (Check the link if you want to try to say it!)

A mouthful can also be a name that’s maybe hard for you to pronounce. If it’s confusing your tongue, it’s a mouthful! And it may be funny when you try to say it.

Speaking of fun and funny, have you seen my post on the different meanings for fun and funny?

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